Why I am writing a Blog?

Why am I writing a BLOG?

I don’t even know what a blog is.  The word sounds like an utterance I might have made the day I had my stroke.  Or it could be a piece of medical equiptment they used when I was in the ER with my stroke.  It definitely could be a word describing a part of my brain stem where I had my stroke.  I am totally confident that the word is some very serious scientific term. So I really don’t know what a blog is.  But I do know that this Blog is the next step in my recovery.  And recovery never stops.

You see, on April 4th 2003 at 10:10am, I had a stroke.  My stroke got me in my Doctor’s office when I was there for a check up on my thyroid.  My stroke arrived soon after my 30th birthday, in lieu of a husband or children.  My stroke took my swallow for 9 weeks.  My stroke changed everything.  My stroke was a stroke of luck.

And I am lucky to be saying that. I am blessed to be a stroke survivor.  So many who have a stroke do not survive.  So many who have a stroke feel they are victims.  My experience with stroke, passion for life and hope for all affected by stroke, is what I want to share in this blog.



Why am I using the Henry Sugarhouse as the source of said BLOG?

  1. My name is now Rachel S. Henry.  I got married after my stroke.  My marriage is a gift and is directly related to my stroke.
  2. I love sugar.  I lost my swallow when my stroke hit.  I couldn’t  even “manage my secretions.”  My night nurse was also a member of my childhood church.  He was a nurse by profession and a farmer by birth and passion.  He brought me fresh Maple Syrup from his Sugarhouse, when I was in the neuro unit….when I couldn’t swallow….when life was dark….so dark and quiet and lonely and cold.

The challenge of the syrup enraged me.   The man who brought the syrup was one of my angels.  And the story to be told, inspired me to heal.

  1. Because I have hope and dreams today, I would love to run a wholesale bakery which brings seasonal goodies from my kitchen, to freezer and to your home.  My husband, our son (yup…that is a part of my recovery story)  and I, call our house and would call our business, THE HENRY SUGARHOUSE.  The website was begun as  show of faith.  The logo designed as a step on the journey.  And now the site can be used for this BLOG.
  2. I want to share my experiences with the stroke when it hit, show you change over time, and my actions today that keep my hope fueled each day!

5 thoughts on “Why I am writing a Blog?”

  1. You are amazing and I’m so proud of your new venture. Your positivity keeps me going all the time 🙂

  2. I love that you are writing a blog, Rachel! You will help and inspire so many as you heal yourself! So proud of you and happy that you’re doing well! Write on!💗

  3. I am so happy to be one of your crochet friends. You are my star pupil. What a brave and remarkable woman you are! I love you and your family so much. Everything you do has courage and meaning. Knowing you is a God thing.

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